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SP24 AngularJS and Apps for SharePoint Presentation & Code Samples

Thanks to everyone that attended my #SP24 session today. I was super impressed by the online turnout and the amount of quality speakers and sessions that occurred over the 24 hour period. The organized certainly looked a little tired 20 hours in when my session started…truly dedicated souls!

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Office Dev Power Hours from Build conference

I’ve been digging deep into the new Office 365 API’s (in preview) and new Contextual areas and APIs of the whole Office platform (Office Client, Office Online, Office Apps, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, etc.) this week. There are some great sessions that you can watch for FREE from the Build Conference 2014.

Check out the sessions from the engineering side of the house actually building this stuff:


SharePoint 2013 Apps with AngularJS from Build Conference 2014

Microsoft have published my session from yesterday in less than 24 hours to Channel 9! If you were not able to attend this, or when I presented this topic at SharePoint Conference 2014 please take some time and check it out.

I have uploaded my code that you can check out too. I’m looking for more feedback on this session and also my Complete Me demo app.

I’d also highly recommend checking out these sessions from the rest of the Office Division here:

SharePoint Power Hour – New Developer APIs and Features for Apps for SharePoint - Rob Howard

Build Connected Productivity Apps - Brian Jones

Office Power Hour – New Developer APIs and Features for Apps for Office - Rolando Jimenez Salgado

Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps - Beth Massi

Captivate Consumers with the OneNote API - Gareth Jones

Apps for Outlook Power Hour - Andrew Salamatov

Building Enterprise Social Apps with Yammer - Jose Juarez Comboni

Top 6 day two //Build announcements for Office 365 customers

Day 2 at //build, day 4 for me at Microsoft and the keynote had lots and lots of announcements for Windows Azure…and a lot were relevant for Office 365 developers out there!

1. Visual Studio Browser Link

The demo in the keynote said it all…debug a web application in Visual Studio in a IE11 (also mentioned it worked with Chrome) and if you use the Developer Toolbar to modify the DOM, it will actually be reflected in the files in your Visual Studio Project!

2. Traffic Manager for Web Sites

For Provider Hosted Apps this is huge! The ability to let Microsoft Azure handle having web sites hosted in multiple data centers and route to the closest one to the user will really help organizations with a globally dispersed team.
I need to do more research into what happens if these web sites have a dependency on SQL Online and how it handles that though.

3.  Free SSL Support for Web Sites

You now get one free Public IP with SSL cert for each web site. There is some news about it here. This will be extremely useful when working with Office 365 on https and not wanting the SSL warnings in browsers.

4. Azure Mobile Services with Office 365 API support

In the keynote, it was demoed taking a photo on a Windows Phone 8 device and then sending it to the Azure Mobile Services which in turn sent the image to SharePoint via the Office 365 REST APIs. Some other cools things around Mobile Services were:
- Local and Remote Debugging is built into the experience now in Visual Studio.
- xamarin support for repurposing Windows Phone 8 app to iOS with no code

5. Office 365 Platform APIs

It was great to see DocuSign demonstrate their app leveraging the new Files API available in Office 365 to pull down a SharePoint Document and then store it straight back easily directly from an iPhone.
Later on the DPE team also demonstrated a WPF app that was integrated with the Office 365 calendar too.
It just shows that non Office developers can easily integrate with Office 365!  These APIs were announced at SharePoint Conference 2014, but great to educate the developers at Build! Remember there is also Android SDKs available too as mentioned by the DPE team too.

6. Microsoft Azure Portal

The new management portal that was shown at the keynote allows you to see billing analysis in a way like never before as well as operational announcements etc. The UI is fully extensible so vendors can add to this, like the MySQL integration which is great for me as I leverage that for this WordPress blog and this was a black box before!
The integration of the Visual Studio Online TFS integration directly into the Web Applications that were deployed is GREAT too. Truly awesome visibility into what is in your environment.
Also nice to see them show the Office Developer blog and the fact it had 11mil views that morning and a huge spike last week for the iPad Office Apps ;-)


It’s amazing how much was announced over the two days at //build around Windows, Windows Phone and Microsoft Azure. If you’re working with Office 365 and these platforms I’d love to hear from you!

Top 5 day one //Build announcements for Office 365 customers

1. Office Windows 8 Apps

The new Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for Windows 8 were demonstrated at the day 1 keynote. These apps will bring Office to the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Store. No release date on these yet, but there are some cool new features focused on Touch and Stylus use. officedirectx

2. Windows Phone 8.1

I’ve been very critical in the past of Windows Phone, with the addition of the Action Center this really makes it easy to keep up to date, There were quite a few features like WiFi Sense that are unique to the platform and not available on iOS or Android phones. There is a great overview of the new updates to 8.1 on their blog. wpactioncenter

3. Cortana – Personal Assistant

The newly announced Personal Assistant called Cortana will certainly allow you to do things using voice commands that will really change the way you use your phone. I used a device at the device bar and was really impressed that she understood me on various things I tried! I’m not personally sure I’d use it much, but it will be interesting to see how more productive this can make you with Outlook Calendars, Mail and Tasks. cortana

4. Universal apps

I presented on Windows Phone 8 apps at TechEd NA/Europe last year on Building Apps that connect to SharePoint. One of the questions I got was around writing the app once for Windows Phone and being able to leverage the same code for a Windows 8 app. Back then this was not possible, but with the new Universal Apps you can! This is going to be HUGE for building apps once and using it across multiple platforms…including Xbox!

5. IFTTT Preview actions for Office 365

In Brian Jones session at 2:30 on Wednesday, he demonstrated some new preview IFTTT channels. These channels allow you to support Office 365 events, such as “if an email from X is in my inbox, then create a OneNote page in my Unfiled Notes”. I’m already using the other OneNote Channels that are available in IFTTT and looking forward to these ones to be published! It’s been a great first week for me at Microsoft. I highly recommend you check out the on-demand keynotes

My new Facebook page for my SharePoint reading

I’m in London this week waiting for the US Embassy to put a nice shiny visa stamp in my Australian passport so I can get started at Microsoft. I’m visiting family whilst I’m here and it turns out they find the SharePoint links I share on Facebook annoying and don’t understand a word of it. Turns out that I have quite a few non SharePoint friends (yep I have friends outside of IT it seems!) that agree.

So…I’ve created a Facebook page and will be posting solely to this along with my twitter and LinkedIn page to appease people who consume on those platforms. If you are a Facebook person…feel free to like my page to get the updates.

The links I share usually get around 40+ likes on Facebook (and plenty of retweets and likes on LinkedIn) so I have kept up sharing them as I discover quality posts through my daily reading. I hope you find it useful too ;-)

Collecting blog posts in OneNote automatically with IFTTT

I feel like an internet newbie not knowing what was until I saw that OneNote now supports it. So I immediately started digging into it. One of my cool ideas for leveraging the OneNote API was to automatically add a page into OneNote for every blog post that I subscribe to from my OPML. So I can make notes and then search my OneNote notebook directly.
Right now I use to view all my new reading from blogs I have subscribed to in my OPML file. Then I tag them in delicious/diigo so I can search for posts later but this requries me to be online. Being able ot have all my posts in OneNote and tag my pages and search using OneNotes search is really useful. Granted it will take up some space but it’s a great use cases. I can file them in Sections and SubPages also. This is something I’ve seen others do with Evernote and clipping pages into it…OneNote also has a Clipper add on too for most browsers.

IFTTT has a ton of channels that support pushing a new OneNote page based on the Microsoft Account you log in with.


There was only a pre-created recipe on IFTTT for whenever in Feedly you click on a post and do “Saved for later”.  It will add the body of the post to the OneNote right now though which is useful as shown below…


I noticed that I could create my own recipe based on the trigger  called ‘New article from category’. I have quite a few categories (MVPs, Microsoft, Vendors, Community) in Feedly so had to configure a few. I noticed with this trigger that I could only grab the image of the article not scrape the post so may be the one that Microsoft created is custom.

Another thing I do whilst I’m on the road is favorite tweets. Keeping track of what ones I haven’t read is hard. There is a IFTTT recipe that will add information on tweets I favorite directly into a OneNote page…it would be great if it took the first link in the tweet and scraped that page in too. I’ll have to look into how to do that I guess…



I also use Pocket a lot as most apps on iPhone leverage that for “read it later” that I don’t discover via my normal OPML subscribed blogs. There is an action to push all items added to Pocket directly as a OneNote page too.

For all these actions, it would be nice to select where in OneNote it adds this page. Hopefully this is an improvement in the future.

You can share the recipes you build…what recipes do you have or are you going to build?



OneNote…my favorite product…chases the competition!

I have been a HUGE user of OneNote since it was launched as part of the Office Suite. It’s one of those products that has always been the unknown product as part of the installation. It started to get some attention when a special “OneNote MX” version came out  with Windows 8 and a push in the commercials on Windows Phone 8 and then iOS.

The announcements this week on OneNote blog blew my mind! not only now is OneNote available on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android…but now OSX. I am a MacBook Pro owner and was “trying” Evernote but couldn’t believe simple things like scaling images and nicely flowing tables were not available in it! I’m really hoping that OneNote takes off on Apple devices and that it encourages users to get OneDrive and join the Microsoft ecosystem…it’s a great move. This really makes me excited to join Microsoft next month! The moves the company and especially the Office Division are making FILLS me full of enthusiasm for the future!

Seeing this in the App Store made my day!

onenoteSo please…all MacBook, iPad, iPhone users…give this a whirl. The OneNote Clipper tool allows you to snapshot pages to your browser.

With initiatives with email to OneNote, Office Lens,, SmartPen, Brother, News360 I am going to have to buy that team a beer for the strategic vision they’ve gone after!
What led to a lot of these is an OneNote API…I’m really excited to see what people do with this. I have some killer ideas that I’ll kick off once I get settled at Microsoft that I’m sketching out…in OneNote on my Windows 8 slate with a stylus.



SharePoint Apps Playbook Series: Part 5 – Client Side API: REST vs JSOM

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series The App Playbook Series

As a SharePoint Developer since SharePoint 2003, I have lived in the APIs that were available from the good old days of RPC, to ASMX Web Services, to Server Side API (Managed APIs (.NET) – Microsoft.SharePoint.dll), to the Client Side API. I often get asked “what is the best Client Side API to use with HTML/JavaScript App Model approach…JSOM or REST?”. When I first started answering this I was extremely bias as the JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) API is very similar to the .NET Object Model API.

Us developers tend to stay with what is familiar to us, but as I started to learn AngularJS I noticed that a more standardized approach to calling Platform APIs was to use OData. There is some confusion between the use of the term “REST” and “OData” in the way Microsoft explain this REST API, I found a great explanation from Bizcoder here.
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My 5 reasons for attending a conference and not just watching the recordings

The SharePoint Conference 2014 team announced today that all of the recordings of the sessions at the conference would be made publicly available on Channel 9 by the end of the week.  I have already highlighted my Top 5 things from the conference. There were a few comments about the cost of the conference and not seeing the value if the sessions could be watched afterwards. I tend to disagree for a few reasons…the money wasn’t just for the party, food and free swag. Continue reading

SharePoint 2013 Apps with AngularJS recording published #SPC14

I’m really happy to announce that my session from the SharePoint Conference 2014 on SharePoint 2013 Apps and AngularJS is now published on Channel 9…along with all the other sessions from the conference.

A big thank you to all those that filled in evaluations (there is still time – ends Friday). Right now I’m sitting on a 131 evaluations with an overall average of 4.7/5 which I’m extremely happy with so thank you!

UPDATE 20 Mar 2014 – I have uploaded my Visual Studio Project (UbertTaskListAngularApp) for the project I demoed during my talk now. Apologies for the delay, the week after SPC was my last week at AvePoint and this week I’m traveling to get visa for my new job at Microsoft!

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The next stage in my journey…Microsoft

OK so it’s not quite as exciting as the news that Bill Gates is coming back at Microsoft and Satya Nadella being the new CEO…but…it is with great excitement that I can announce that in the coming weeks (visa pending) I will be a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft reporting to Arpan Shah, in Julia White’s Office Division. I will be focusing on the Office 365 Development story alongside Dene Cleaver, Chris  Johnson, Sonya Koptyev and Dave Pae working closely with the Office 365 engineering team, Analysts, Customers, Partners (ISVs/SIs) and the Community.

It has been my dream as a kid to work at Microsoft, I came very close three years ago, but unfortunately the hiring freeze for international employees blocked me from working with the SharePoint Product team back then.
This team, led by Arpan, is a new team that is dedicated to the development story. As you know from reading my blog, I have been very vocal about the development story due to working with SharePoint throughout my career. When this role was posted, I couldn’t resist taking up the challenge to be part of the team I currently communicate with the other side of the fence as a ISV and MVP.

It’s a very exciting time to join Microsoft with the recent announcements of Satya Nadella as the new CEO and that Bill Gates will be back 1/3 of his time working with Product Management. I have seen a lot of change in the last year with the OneMicrosoft vision and look forward to being part of Satya’s new vision!

I have had a great 3 years at AvePoint, working as a Product Manager focusing mainly on Governance Automation. I’d like to thank everyone at AvePoint for the chance to work with such a great team of people and thank them for their support on my move to Microsoft. AvePoint really is family to me and having to tell management was a tough thing for me to do. I’m really glad that they are happy for me on this new move and appreciate all their support.

The 3 years in New York/New Jersey have been great, but my East Coast days are numbered for now and I look forward to living on the West Coast in Seattle! I can’t wait to own a car again!!! And before you ask…no I’m not just following around Superbowl championship teams ;-) (New York Giants won the first year I was there).

More than ever I want to hear the feedback on what we can do at Microsoft to make the developer story better for everyone out there. I look forward to spending more time with everyone. I promise to keep “that’s great feedback” down to a minimum and help to drive internally on getting the outcomes that will help drive Office 365 development further in the future! I will need to grow some thick skin for a few of you for sure ;-)

I’m so excited with the innovation push that Satya has set forward…check this video out to hear from him directly:

Approaches to presenting code demos to a Developer audience

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Presentation Tips

I have been discussing with a few people on the different approaches to presenting code demos to Developer audience at conferences. It is interesting hearing peoples opinions on the matter. I thought I’d start by listing out the different approaches, but I’d love to hear what people think of them. Continue reading

SharePoint Conference 2014 doodles in OneNote Guide (#SPC14)

So this year, Microsoft have gone green and have posted the attendee guide as a OneNote Notebook…BRILLIANT! So on your mobile device or laptop you can pull it down and go CRAZY!

I just bought a new Samsung ATIV Tab 3 with a WACOM stylus which is a heap lighter and thinner than the Surface Pro and has an 8 hour battery life.  I started doodling on the OneNote and thought it would be fun if others did too and shared their creations!

Here’s my first one!

doodleI follow Bill Simser’s sketches which are FAR better than I’ll ever be able to sketch…hoping he has some time to do a few ;-)



How to keep up at SharePoint Conference (#SPC14) online

Since joining AvePoint in the Product Management team three years ago, the amount of conferences I attend has significantly increased due to the need for me to meet customers and get feedback on our products. The SharePoint Conference is the largest conference on the calendar each year and this year will be no exception. The online presence of vendors, Microsoft, speakers, attendees and voyeurs remotely has increased every year as people adopt online technologies more.

Whatever role above you are, keeping up with the continuous stream online can be tricky. So here is some advice based on what I do at conferences.
Corey Roth also has put together an exhaustive checklist for attendees of SPC14 I’d highly recommend you read! In previous years I’ve done similar.


Firstly, you’re going to be hitting up wifi a lot at the conference and battery life is going to be your worst enemy. I have a housing for my iPhone that doubles the life of my 5s which will help. During sessions I’ll be using a slate with a bluetooth keyboard to allow me to take notes in OneNote. I just this week picked up the Samsung ATIV Tab 3 running Windows 8.1 and its a beauty with 8 hours of battery life with a WACOM stylus for writing!

Consuming Social Feeds

The main sources for consuming news will be: Twitter, Yammer and Blogs.

You’ll be able to get to the blogs via the Twitter and Yammer shares during the week. I have a RSS reader where I keep up to date with the latest posts from SharePoint bloggers and find this is less noisy than trying to find them on Twitter or Yammer.

Twitter and Yammer are great for real-time conversations. I would encourage the use of Hootsuite or TweetDeck to subscribe to a few channel hash tags: #SPC14, #SharePoint.
I suspect the Yammer group is going to be WAAAY too noisy the week of the conference, it will be interesting to see how many use this over Twitter. The benefit of Yammer is longer than 140 chars discussions, the downfall is that you can’t use something like TweetDeck to consume it and have to rely on search almost as the stream will be too long. Remember, having these apps on in the background on your devices will DESTROY your battery ;-)

Topsy is a great way to track the best links shared on a channel. For instance check out #SPC14 or #SharePoint.


Twitter will be a great place to keep up with what is going on after hours at SPC and to catch up with people. I encourage you all to get up to speed with FourSquare and check in where ever you are so that people can find you (if you want to be found).

The first year I attended from Australia, I had barely met anyone in person and this was a great way to bump into people I’d read blogs of or seen present in webinars. We’re a friendly bunch and they’ll be plenty of people in your situation attending alone.


I hope a few of you take time to write up your opinions on all the new things you learn on your blogs. The way I do this is to make notes throughout the day and spend 30 minutes in my hotel room before heading out for the evening to write them up. Don’t feel like you have to rush your post out the minute the session has ended, taking time to formulate your thoughts and discuss them with others will make for a much better post.
Bamboo Nation is an AMAZING blogger during sessions, if you miss one, i’d certainly check out whether they have blogged about it after the fact! I’m still not sure how they write them so damn quick!



There are a lot of photographers amongst the community, so watch out when its late at night ;-) Most are kind and only upload the best ones like Marcy Kellar, myself. and the whole twitter/instagram stream ;-)

Wrap Up

So I hope this helps, if you have any other suggestions for keeping up…please add some comments below.

I hope to catch up with you at the conference, if you see me running the halls its probably because I’m jumping meeting to meeting to session. The evenings at the parties are the best times to catch me! Look out for me with my SLR I intend on getting LOTS of photos and sharing them during the week!

SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 available at Download Center

For all of you IT Pros (and Devs) out there, SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 has been released on Microsoft Download Center today! Time to start planning deploying this to your environments.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the SP1 features shown off at the SharePoint Conference next week in Las Vegas!

Keep an eye on the TechCenter for more information. I got these links through my Google Alert subscriptions, but would imagine there will be more content coming in days to come around what’s actually in SP1.

There is a nice spreadsheet that explains the changes also.

And for customers moaning about patching… “Customers who have an Office 365 subscription are always kept up to date and will get the SP1 changes automatically in their next regular update.”…TO THE CLOUD ;-)

And the official post by Microsoft is up on the ONLY blog you ALL should be following! More details on the Sustained Engineering Blog and the Exchange Team Blog.

Full Trust Code isn’t Old School and what will be discussed at #SPC14

Some people have been vocal on social networks about the overuse of the term “old school” when discussing Full Trust Code (FTC) model (SharePoint Solutions). I have written about the comparison of the Cloud App Model (CAM) vs FTC recently with my personal opinions on the matter. Continue reading


10 must see sessions for SharePoint Developers at #SPC14

After reading Scot Hillier’s post on the new technology matrix at SPC14 I was inspired to write my own post too. Now picking the best 10 sessions out of the entire SPC14 sessions was HARD and I apologize to those speakers who aren’t included (please don’t attack me at SPC14).

For me, SPC14 will be about seeing:

  • what the experienced/hands on developers are presenting on the SharePoint App model…the future of SharePoint development.
  • what Microsoft key people’s messaging is around key development areas to get hints on future directions of the platform

The beauty of the SharePoint Conference this year is that SharePoint 2013 has been out for a while now and so a lot of tips and tricks will be talked about and very polished getting started sessions for newbies.
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