August catch up on Office 365 Development news

It’s been a busy few months for our Technical Product Management team, in Building 1 in Redmond, focusing on Office 365 Development. It’s month four for me personally in the team and reflecting back it’s been a great ride! it has been a really exciting time working with the team with our core focuses: Chris Johnson leading the team and driving our vision with management; Sonya Koptyev focusing on the Information Worker developers and the new; Dave Pae focusing on our ISV NDA program and DX (formerly DPE) cross-over including Dev Camps; Jim Epes working on the Office Store; and myself on the new content for ramping up developers and Microsoft event track ownership. Naturally we all have lots of other stuff we work on each day to keep us all busy of course!

It can sometimes feel like its hard to keep up with the world of development in general and I thought I’d summarize some of the best content out there for you to catch up on if you haven’t seen it already…


We have consolidated all of our developer news now to the blog rather than be spread across a bunch as its much easier for you guys to keep up with us! The nice part is that we are now looping in these blog posts to coincide with new items appearing on the too! Personally I think it’s great we are disclosing this to everyone!

Microsoft Virtual Academy On-demand training and Live Q&A

This Friday, August 8th, at 9am PDT the Microsoft Virtual Academy will stream five modules of getting started with Office 365 development. The post has more details. This content, along with another 6 courses will be available on-demand also.

Office 365 Developer Patterns & Practices on GitHub

I had a great week last week at TechReady 19 with the P&P team including the likes of Vesa Juvonen (recently joined Steve in engineering), Steve Walker, Frank Marasco and Bert Jansen along with many more contributors. The content has been moved to GitHub and now we are encouraging contributions outside of the team to grow the P&P’s. There is so much goodness in that site…so go check it out! relaunch

The new site launched last week and it looks awesome! Sonya led the charge on this and I can’t wait to see phase 2, 3, 4… and more with all the improvements we have in the pipe!

Office 365 Developer Podcast

We’re on Office 365 Developer Podcast episode number 9 with Brian Jones as of last week with episode 10 on Thursday covering Yammer with Richard DiRezega. We’ve so far had over 30,000 unique listeners and its growing fast!

Office Garage Series on Development

Jeremy Chapman, the host of the Office Garage Series, has done some great shows on Development. Most definitely worth checking these out! I did one recently with Jeremy on what’s new, what’s different and what’s better with the app model.

Code Samples

We have a ton of code samples we’re rounding up. I’m making it my personal mission that any Microsoft session we present code at ends up on We also have some purpose built scenarios devs are building for us to help you all skill up on the latest tech whether its the new Office 365 APIs, the App Model, ASP.NET MVC 5, AngularJS, Xamarin and much more…

Look forward to more on Office 365 development in the coming months! We’d love to engage with you on the Office 365 Technical Network with what you’d like to see from our team in the future!

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