OneNote…my favorite product…chases the competition!

I have been a HUGE user of OneNote since it was launched as part of the Office Suite. It’s one of those products that has always been the unknown product as part of the installation. It started to get some attention when a special “OneNote MX” version came out  with Windows 8 and a push in the commercials on Windows Phone 8 and then iOS.

The announcements this week on OneNote blog blew my mind! not only now is OneNote available on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android…but now OSX. I am a MacBook Pro owner and was “trying” Evernote but couldn’t believe simple things like scaling images and nicely flowing tables were not available in it! I’m really hoping that OneNote takes off on Apple devices and that it encourages users to get OneDrive and join the Microsoft ecosystem…it’s a great move. This really makes me excited to join Microsoft next month! The moves the company and especially the Office Division are making FILLS me full of enthusiasm for the future!

Seeing this in the App Store made my day!

onenoteSo please…all MacBook, iPad, iPhone users…give this a whirl. The OneNote Clipper tool allows you to snapshot pages to your browser.

With initiatives with email to OneNote, Office Lens,, SmartPen, Brother, News360 I am going to have to buy that team a beer for the strategic vision they’ve gone after!
What led to a lot of these is an OneNote API…I’m really excited to see what people do with this. I have some killer ideas that I’ll kick off once I get settled at Microsoft that I’m sketching out…in OneNote on my Windows 8 slate with a stylus.



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  1. Love onenote. I use it to store everything. To quote a recent book ‘my second brain’.
    if you can, please ask the product team to include some form of mindmap option into onenote similar to how tables work, that would just bring so much power to users like myself.

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