Collecting blog posts in OneNote automatically with IFTTT

I feel like an internet newbie not knowing what was until I saw that OneNote now supports it. So I immediately started digging into it. One of my cool ideas for leveraging the OneNote API was to automatically add a page into OneNote for every blog post that I subscribe to from my OPML. So I can make notes and then search my OneNote notebook directly.
Right now I use to view all my new reading from blogs I have subscribed to in my OPML file. Then I tag them in delicious/diigo so I can search for posts later but this requries me to be online. Being able ot have all my posts in OneNote and tag my pages and search using OneNotes search is really useful. Granted it will take up some space but it’s a great use cases. I can file them in Sections and SubPages also. This is something I’ve seen others do with Evernote and clipping pages into it…OneNote also has a Clipper add on too for most browsers.

IFTTT has a ton of channels that support pushing a new OneNote page based on the Microsoft Account you log in with.


There was only a pre-created recipe on IFTTT for whenever in Feedly you click on a post and do “Saved for later”.  It will add the body of the post to the OneNote right now though which is useful as shown below…


I noticed that I could create my own recipe based on the trigger  called ‘New article from category’. I have quite a few categories (MVPs, Microsoft, Vendors, Community) in Feedly so had to configure a few. I noticed with this trigger that I could only grab the image of the article not scrape the post so may be the one that Microsoft created is custom.

Another thing I do whilst I’m on the road is favorite tweets. Keeping track of what ones I haven’t read is hard. There is a IFTTT recipe that will add information on tweets I favorite directly into a OneNote page…it would be great if it took the first link in the tweet and scraped that page in too. I’ll have to look into how to do that I guess…



I also use Pocket a lot as most apps on iPhone leverage that for “read it later” that I don’t discover via my normal OPML subscribed blogs. There is an action to push all items added to Pocket directly as a OneNote page too.

For all these actions, it would be nice to select where in OneNote it adds this page. Hopefully this is an improvement in the future.

You can share the recipes you build…what recipes do you have or are you going to build?



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  1. I have fond memories of OneNote coming out, as somehow I won a Microsoft competition and was given it! Back in 2003 / 2004 I didn’t really know what to do with it. Now that OneNote is available across Windows, Mac, and iOS (and syncs everything) it’s a lot more useful.

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