SharePoint Conference 2014 doodles in OneNote Guide (#SPC14)

So this year, Microsoft have gone green and have posted the attendee guide as a OneNote Notebook…BRILLIANT! So on your mobile device or laptop you can pull it down and go CRAZY!

I just bought a new Samsung ATIV Tab 3 with a WACOM stylus which is a heap lighter and thinner than the Surface Pro and has an 8 hour battery life.  I started doodling on the OneNote and thought it would be fun if others did too and shared their creations!

Here’s my first one!

doodleI follow Bill Simser’s sketches which are FAR better than I’ll ever be able to sketch…hoping he has some time to do a few ;-)


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    1. Good question, if it’s a Wacom screen any Wacom pen will work. If it’s not there is different technology for each touch screen. So you’d have to research based on device.

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