Full Trust Code isn’t Old School and what will be discussed at #SPC14

Some people have been vocal on social networks about the overuse of the term “old school” when discussing Full Trust Code (FTC) model (SharePoint Solutions). I have written about the comparison of the Cloud App Model (CAM) vs FTC recently with my personal opinions on the matter.

The good news is at the SharePoint Conference there are a few sessions that will be extremely helpful for those who want to hear about FTC.

1. SPC358 – Developing future-focused, on-premises solutions

Bob German is doing a session that talks about the scenario where you are writing FTC now and may want to future proof yourself for when you eventually get round to the CAM.

2. SPC325 – Real-world examples of FTC to CAM transformations

I had already mentioned the session in my Top 10 SPC14 dev sesssions, this will help you to actually transform your existing FTC projects to CAM projects.

3. SPC390 – Creating Internet facing web sites with SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud

Todd Baginski is a top guy and he recorded his SPC session overview from a ski lift! Legend! Although he could have done it boarding ;-) This session is going to compare and contrast of on-premises WCM and SharePoint  Online using SharePoint Solutions. Mostly because CAM do not support the anonymous scenario without “bending SharePoint”.

4. SPC273 – Application lifecycle management in Office and SharePoint

Eric Charran and Ayman El-Hattab will be presenting on ALM in SharePoint and Office. Ayman has been pushing a lot of content around ALM from his days at Microsoft and newer days at AvePoint. They’ll be covering the whole automated build story around FTC and CAM.

5. SPC305 – SharePoint Web Templates for on-premises and the Cloud

Mirjam Van Olst is a very well respected SharePoint Architect and also another MCM. Mirjam will be talking about Web Templates on-premises and the cloud using managed code. Anyone in a hybrid setting, I’d highly recommend attending this talk!

Yes…there are only a few. Microsoft HAVE to push the future of the platform by focusing on CAM which relies entirely on the Client Side SharePoint APIs. If they spend their time trying to cover both, the adoption of the new platform will not be as effective…its just part of the industry game ;-)

The biggest reality is that the FTC approach is very mature, being introduced three major editions ago in 2006 in SharePoint 2007. It is still an extremely valid approach to building business solutions. It will not see any improvements as the attention is solely on CAM. Regardless of no improvements, there are some very large Enterprise business solution implementations out there that leverage the SharePoint platform to meet business needs on-premises. Its how SharePoint became so successful as a development platform and not just a Document Management System or Portal.
For a lot of scenarios right now, FTC is still the only way to go (like WCM). A lot of skill sets are still tied to FTC development approach, but like any technology it evolves and its part of the fun of being a developer to keep up with technology changes such as this.

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft do in the future around deprecating the Server Side SharePoint API. The Sandboxed Solutions with Managed Code are already deprecated and that is the Client Side API running on a SharePoint Farm. So at some point I’m guessing they will deprecate FTC. The timing of this I’m guessing will be around when there is more parity with CAM…which could be a while yet.

FTC has lots and lots of coverage, training courses, books, blogs etc. online already. The SharePoint Conference, in Oct of 2012, sessions are mainly all up on Channel 9 and covered the CAM, mainly because SharePoint 2013 had only just launched. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any access to the content from SharePoint Conference 2011 where FTC sessions were in full force.

They’ll be plenty of people there at the SharePoint Conference in a few weeks still on SharePoint 2007 and 2010 where FTC is the only option. Microsoft’s job is to make SharePoint 2013 compelling enough to jump onboard either on-premises or in the cloud. As technologists we have to look to the future. There is the reality of large enterprises that simply don’t move that fast for all sorts of reasons…for them…they will have to live with FTC and listen to all the hype around CAM until their day comes to leverage it.

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  1. Hear hear! The App API is so full of holes right now, we can’t just ask everyone to drop years’ worth of investment in FTC and move to a more limited application platform

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