10 must see sessions for SharePoint Developers at #SPC14

After reading Scot Hillier’s post on the new technology matrix at SPC14 I was inspired to write my own post too. Now picking the best 10 sessions out of the entire SPC14 sessions was HARD and I apologize to those speakers who aren’t included (please don’t attack me at SPC14).

For me, SPC14 will be about seeing:

  • what the experienced/hands on developers are presenting on the SharePoint App model…the future of SharePoint development.
  • what Microsoft key people’s messaging is around key development areas to get hints on future directions of the platform

The beauty of the SharePoint Conference this year is that SharePoint 2013 has been out for a while now and so a lot of tips and tricks will be talked about and very polished getting started sessions for newbies.

0. The keynote – Connect. Reimagine. Transform.

Jared Spatero Yes, Bill Clinton will be on stage and yes I’m looking forward to seeing a former President present on technology…but I’m more excited to see how Microsoft message SharePoint and Office 365. This is a great way to get a birds eye view of the products with both a Business User, IT Pro and Developer viewpoint. Plus there are no other sessions on at this time so unless you’re sleeping in after a big Sunday night in Las Vegas…be there!

1. The developer audience keynote

Rob Lefferts Rob Lefferts has been at Microsoft in the SharePoint engineering team for a LONG time and I can’t think of anyone better to present ‘What’s new for the Office & SharePoint developer’. This is a really important session to attend to get a broad sweep idea of what is new for SharePoint Online and SP1 for on-premises environments.

2. SPC408 -SharePoint 2013 Apps with AngularJS

Jeremy Thake expected not to promote my own session? In all seriousness, HTML/JavaScript is a big part of any developers career now and in the future. I hope to show SharePoint Developers how they can leverage the widely popular AngularJS framework with SharePoint Hosted Apps. I’m going to approach explaining this from my experience as a extremely heavy ASP.NET (and ASP) developer living in a managed code world and the transition and habits that had to change.

3. SPC417 – Speed up your app development skills with API abstraction

Thornsten Hans Thorsten Hans has many years of experience with SharePoint dev and a fellow SharePoint MVP. I’ve been following his work on ShareCoffee which wraps the SharePoint APIs using CoffeeScript. I can see a real future in this open source project for client side development in JavaScript and highly recommend you go along to this to let him explain to you what it is and ask your questions.

4. SPC413 – Complex problem solving with the new HTML5 APIs

Scot Hillier Scot is one of my favorite Developer Speakers as a full-time SharePoint Trainer. I really like what Scot has posted on what he’ll be demoing in his sessions to set the expectation with his audience. For SharePoint developers who’ve had their head in the ASP.NET stack in Web Parts and Application pages this will be a real eye opener. I would also recommend ALL of his other sessions too.

5. SPC419 – Developing Cloud-Hosted Apps with MVC5

Bob German I’ve seen Bob German present at a few events and really impressed with how he communicates with the audience. This session is really important to understand that you DON’T have to write all client-side code and can use a managed code approach with something like MVC5. This will be comfortable ground for anyone who’s coming from an ASP.NET background rather than JavaScript.

6. SPC288 – TypeScript for SharePoint 2013 Developers

Matt Bremer Matt Bremer is very active in the community and knows his stuff when it comes to SharePoint development. Typescript is a project that Microsoft are working on which I saw presented at Build two years ago. I was under the impression that eventually it’d be rolled up into ECMAScript6 but after talking to Matt I’d highly recommend going to his session if you are intending to do any client side development with JavaScript.

7. SPC302 – Advanced development patterns for SharePoint Apps

Nathan MillerRichard diZerega I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the content that Nathan Miller and Richard diZerega have been pumping out. Its obviously these guys are deep in large implementations in their Microsoft roles. The demo you’ll see around the HelpDesk App has ben demoed before, but expect a lot more information this time round.

8. SPC323 – SharePoint App best practices using OData and the SharePoint REST API

Ted Pattison Ted Pattison has been a SharePoint trainer for a long time and has a great style of presenting and breaking complex scenarios down. This session on OData and REST is a core aspect of SharePoint development and I HIGHLY recommend you attend this one.

9. SPC325 – Real-world examples of FTC to CAM transformations

Steve WAlker Vesa Juvonen Steve Walker has been doing a great job since transitioning to his new role in the Office 365 team and Vesa Juvonen is one of the few Microsoft Certified Solution Master. This session will really help to get you to understand where it is realistic to move your customizations from the Full Trusts Solution Model to the new Cloud App Model. These guys have been involved in large projects globally so expect a lot of real world examples to prove their points.

10. SPC348 – Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms

Sonya Koptyev Greg Lindhorst So I was never the biggest fan of InfoPath, as I explained when they announced InfoPath would be no more. Sonya Koptyev and Greg Lindhorst (Mark Rackleys’ doppelganger) will present Microsoft’s vision on the future of Business Forms on SharePoint. Now as a hard core developer…why does this affect you? Well I think whatever they come up with…you’ll still be involved in taking what Power Users have done and adding your customizations on top.

Wrap Up

So, these sessions will all be recorded and the slide decks available on MySPC. But there is a big difference between being their in person and having the ability to ask questions during the session and also interact with them after the session. So I encourage you guys to make sure you pick your session wisely during SPC14 and enjoy the week!


7 thoughts on “10 must see sessions for SharePoint Developers at #SPC14”

  1. Nice list mate. Think i’ve selected 6/9 of the sessions in MySPC so it’s good to have those decisions validated! :)

    One question though. For someone who has a foot in both DEV/IT pro camps which keynote would you recommend? I was leaning towards the IT pro but now i’m second guessing that decision!

    1. Yeah that’s a tricky one based on what balance of Dev/IT Pro you do. My guidance and what I’ve done in previous years is to see what interests you in the keynote IT Pro and Dev wise and make a call that way. I’m not sure on the format of the keynote this year but they usually split it between each audience. Although this year they seem to have longer tracks to take each audience so I’m wondering whether the keynote is super high level on strategy and big sales pitch ;-)
      I hope my session is one of the 6 LOL Be great to catch up and safe travels from Perth…bring the sunshine please!

  2. @Matt I’ve also spent years writing web apps using Knockout. Since about a year I’m totally moved over to the Angular stack. It’s just awesome. It’s great to see how much time I can save using plain AngularJS combined with my custom directives and CoffeeScript.

    I think there should be a dedicated AngularJS community MeetUp during #SPC to talk about possible directives targeting SharePoint. I’m currently working on an Angular-SP-PeoplePicker directive. To save even more time during my projects.

    Getting excited about SPC hope to meet a lot of great web and app devs there.

    See you guys in vegas.

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