Dev/IT Pro Channel on…signing off.

I wanted to write a quick post, as I’ve seen all sorts of rumors around why has not been updated…linked to some bloggers being asked to take down their sites due to the mention of SharePoint and it not being clear that it is not officiated with Microsoft. All I will say is that from what I know, Microsoft Product Group love the community and treasure how it has benefited SharePoint over the years, but I’ll leave Microsoft to comment on this.

Mark Miller (@eusp) and I chatted in October of last year as I wanted to decommission the Dev Channel and IT Pro Channel of We were not getting as many contributors as the End User Channel and a lot of that is because the best SharePoint bloggers had their own sites and were happy with their own traffic. It was taking up too much of my own time to review new SharePoint Dev and IT Pro bloggers that were willing to contribute and I was finding myself swamped in AvePoint work and this site and getting no time to write myself.

The site is run on SharePoint 2010 and I wrote all of the additions to the site on top of the baseline WCM features. I had already moved this personal blog over to WordPress and noticed the huge SEO jump and comment contributions I got from moving off of SharePoint as a blog platform for a variety of reasons.

I offered to help move the End User Channel back onto WordPress, where it had originally been created. We had some issues with it not moving all the content to due WordPress APIs throwing exceptions and I just simply run out of time with my normal workday at AvePoint. I’ll let Mark speak more to the future of

I felt the community would benefit more if I focused on my own writing rather than publishing others. There is also a GREAT community platforms for Devs and IT Pros where authors can post to, please check out which is growing fast! You can also start your own in seconds over at and its evolution into had a great run with 1.6million pages views overall in 2012 and more in 2013 and I thank all the contributions from my channels and hope that it benefited the authors exposure and the community. I enjoyed doing the shirts every year at the SharePoint Conference and I definitely know that the site gave me exposure which helped raise my profile in the community that led to my job offer at AvePoint. I’m eternally grateful.

A big thanks to all the effort that Mark put into the site and especially to Natasha as the Editor. Look forward to your comments on my personal blog moving forwards.

9 thoughts on “Dev/IT Pro Channel on…signing off.”

  1. Bad and sad news! “The site” is signing off.. I had a few months ago a chat with Natasha and asked her why since June no articles were added. I got my answer now..

    Thanks again for the excellent work provided for Dev/IT Pro on NBSP.

    1. I appreciate all your efforts…just too much and to be frank I prefer reading individuals blogs and rolling them up on Get better Analytics of what blogs I read & star most that way!

  2. Where would content go from DEV and IT Pro Channel? will they be available in format or others.. There are many articles I liked over the years and would love to know what would happen to know them… Thanks Jeremy… It was great community site..

  3. Hey Jeremy,

    I was one of the contributing authors on in all three sections and I thank you & Mark for taking the pain to create and nurture this platform. This platform gave me a lot of exposure and new friends and I am going to miss writing there

    1. I appreciate your contributions, you should head on over to as they are looking for authors now and doing a similar thing to what me and Mark were doing.

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