Tidbits from Richard Harbridge’s “Everything you need to know about SharePoint Social Capabilities” deck

I follow plenty of people on Slide Share and saw that Richard Harbridge who joined Microsoft as a Partner Technology Strategist in February of this year. For those of you that were at SPTechCon Boston you may have seen me and Richard very animated discussing our opinions on Yammer and SharePoint Social. The Justin Bieber look alike joke is so 2011, but sadly that’s how most know him.

With a lot of these slide share decks, you really need to have at least the audio to get context of how the presenter speaks to these, but the content regardless is very good…as usual for Richard as one of my favorite presenters.
The title itself was a little misleading based on the direction of our last discussion as discussed above as it stated “SharePoint Social”. I’ve written about my theories on the future of Social at Microsoft and it certainly not isolated to SharePoint and is really more around covering Office, SharePoint, Yammer, Lync, Exchange etc.
I’m interpreting this deck as Richard speaking at a SharePoint User Group where its mainly non-Office 365 customers who are using SharePoint Server (I’m moving away from the ‘on-premises’ term because that discounts my friends at RackSpace, FPWeb, Amazon, Azure IaaS et al).

There area  few useful aspects of this presentation that I wasn’t aware of:

Yammer Roadmap

From Slide 16, Yammer has a public Release Schedule on their site under their Success Center. Interestingly I can see an “In Progress” “Yammer + Office 365 improvements” and “Office 365 & Yammer User Mapping” and if you expand it you’ll see the comments by Lacey Butler around the Document Collaboration capabilities that I blogged about Friday. 


I also noticed an entry for Office Web Apps integration, and from the screen shot that looks pretty cool!

Editable Office Documents

I do like the Yammer iPad app, so interested to see what they mean by “Completely redesigned”.

The dipiction of what Yammer + Office 365 might look like it what we would expect with the Yammer Newsfeed well and truly taking over and Yammer getting a much more Office 365 feel to it. I imagine that the iPad app will follow this feel too.


Locking SharePoint Social Down

Richards’s blog post on Locking SharePoint Social down is very detailed and would be useful to an organization wishing to do so.

Yammer vs SharePoint Newsfeeds

On slide 33, Richard also points out a post description Yammer vs SharePoint Newsfeeds on EndUserSharePoint.com by Chris Clarke. To be honest, you are either going to use Yammer in the cloud with Office 365 or you are going to use SharePoint Server Social. The reasons to stick with SharePoint Social in Office 365 are dwindling away quickly now with Microsoft’s push here and Chris’s table highlights this! He’s missed a few…like only being able to mention 3 people in a SharePoint Newsfeed post which is so damn irritating! You can also use Yammer with SharePoint Server, there is a whitepaper that explains it in detail.

Mapping to business objectives

Richard’s table on mapping to business objectives is very good on slide 62 and he has written a blog post on this here too. I love his slide 68 on measuring success too which is also documented in the post.

So if you’re not following Richard’s blog and slideshare I’d recommend it if you’re interested in a Microsoft’s persons take on the World. He’s definitely sucked down the kool-aid but the old non-Microsoft Richard we all loved is still there giving his opinion which is good to see!

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