Want to learn about SharePoint in 2013? Follow these new & renewed SharePoint MVPs….

I thought this would be useful to people new in the SharePoint community to know some of the MVPs out there in the World producing quality SharePoint content. Congratulations to new and renewed MVPs for Microsoft’s recognition of their efforts.

I want to say a  big thank you for all they do as it helps so many people around the World on a daily basis, I learn  A LOT from all these guys! You should all be adding these to your RSS readers and following them on Twitter to start off 2013.


  • Marc Anderson (@sympmarc) sympmarc.com  – Marc is “Mr SharePoint Middle-tier” and invests a lot of time in his open source codeplex projects!
  • Christian Buckely (@buckleyplanet) www.buckleyplanet.com – Christian organizes various SharePoint Saturday events across the USA and writes and presents a lot on Social and Governance topics.
  • Randy Drisgill (@Drisgill) http://blog.drisgill.com/ – Randy has so much depth in the Web Content Management world it is amazing…such a nice guy and shares all his stories on his blog.
  • Brian Farnhill (@BrianFarnhill) http://blog.brianfarnhill.com/ – Brian is based in Australia and when I lived there had the pleasure to work with him on various community events he helps organize. He’s also a good consistent blogger too.
  • Ruven Gotz (@ruveng) http://spinsiders.com/ruveng/ – Ruven published a great book on Information Architect for SharePoint 2010 this year and is one of my favorite speakers on Governance often teaming up with Richard Harbridge at events.
  • Dan Holme (@DanHolme) http://www.sharepointpromag.com/ – Dan is my favourite presenter to watch and a very good friend of mine. His knowledge of SharePoint is simply amazing across the board and his books are not doorstops but regular page turners for so many people!
  • Scot Hillier (@ScotHillier) www.shillier.com – Scot has an amazing depth of knowledge in SharePoint development and if you’re lucky enough to attend his Critical Path training courses you’re bound learn so much!
  • Debbie Ireland (@debbieireland) http://www.sharethepoint.com/ – Debbie has done so much for the NZ and AUS SharePoint community and the new SharePoint 2013 community site rocks!
  • Scott Jamison (@sjam) http://www.scottjamison.com/blog/ – Scott is not only an MVP but a MCM (Microsoft Certified Master), he presents great content where ever he speaks…highly worth following this guy! 
  • Adis Jugo (@adisjugo) http://blog.sharedove.com/adisjugo/ – Adis has been doing some great work recently around SharePoint 2013 development, follow him as he spins up blog posts inspired by the talks he does throughout Europe.
  • Carsten Keutman (@keutmann) http://keutmann.blogspot.com/ – Carsten saved all our bacon in the SharePoint 2007 developer days with WSPBuilder, so deserves an MVP title for life Winking smile Luckily the Visual Studio team stepped up in 2010 and got it sorted. Carsten still blogs great content and is always great fun at events for a beer or two!
  • Gary LaPointe (@glapointe) blog.falchionconsulting.com – Gary has helped countless individuals with his PowerShell commandlets and also his blog posts on all things SharePoint Powerhsell.
  • Kit Kai Loke (@kitkai) http://community.sgdotnet.org/blogs/kitkai/ – Kit Kai was one of the first SharePoint guys I followed and has continued to produce amazing content that has been extremely useful to my learning.
  • Matthew McDermott (@MatthewMcD)  http://www.ableblue.com/blog – Matthew is another deep SharePoint 2013 development expert…a member of the Critical Path training team like Scott on this list and someone you could talk to forever on all things SharePoint.
  • Michael Noel (@michaeltnoel)  – this guy has written more SharePoint book than I think I’ve read in total. Great presenter, super knowledge and an awesome guy!
  • Mike Oryszak (@next_connect) www.mikeoryszak.com – Mike’s knowledge spreads across so many areas, but he’s deep in so many also such as Architecture, Search and Development.
  • Veronique Palmer (@VeroniquePalmer) http://veroniquepalmer.wordpress.com/ – one of the sweetest ladies in community and does a great job of blogging around business issues and SharePoint
  • Wesley Preston (@idubbs) http://www.idubbs.com/blog – Wes does a bundle of content around SharePoint development, he’s recently be pushing out some great stuff on JSLink!
  • Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux) about.me/dux – Dux…well…where do I start…he’s one of my favourite presenters out there with his energy that he brings and has a great business mind around SharePoint and Project Server.
  • Waldek Mastykarz (@waldekm) blog.mastykarz.nl – By far my favorite SharePoint development blogger out there…he continues to produce amazing content on Web Content Management features of SharePoint with a development twist.
  • John White (@diverdown1964) whitepages.unlimitedviz.com – Super nice guy and extremely knowledgeable on business intelligence with a variety of mediums to consume it in too!
  • Rob Windsor (@robwindsor) http://msmvps.com/blogs/windsor – Rob is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and I love reading his opinions on all things SharePoint Development because he’s very concise and explains himself well.

Non English/Australian/American blogs Winking smile

New MVPs

  • Tom Resing (@resing) http://tomresing.com/blog/default.aspx – Tom recently joined RackSpace and is also another MCM in the wild. He has stepped up even further with his community engagement in my opinion of late…he’s an all rounder across all sorts of development.

Non English/Australian/American blogs Winking smile

NOTE: there are definitely more, I’ll update this list as I hear about them. For a full list check out the SharePoint Server MVPs official list.

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