A day in the life of a SharePointDeveloper @ TechEd Australia (DEV330)

I was lucky enough to be invited to present two session at TechEd Australia this year. One of which was in the Development track with the mission to showcase the SharePoint Platform to ASP.NET developers. I was absolutely stoked with the turn out considering the room capacity was 200 and we had people lying in the aisles and on tip toes in the door way! Thanks to @grumpywookie for taking the picture.

The video has not yet been upload but the slides are available. Please check back soon for the video it’s well worth the watch if I must say so myself!

I have uploaded my sample code to Sky Drive for people to use also, this was a cool Weather Web Part consuming theweather.com.au web service in the cloud.

I also interviewed the audience about who had Windows Mobile Phones and who had Apple iPhones and who would swap to Windows Phone 7 with interesting results Worth a watch!

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  1. Cool video. Did you take it with your iPhone? Really, I’m surprised that anyone was willing to give theirs up. Must have been old models upgraded to iOS4. My 3gs ran really slow after the os upgrade, but iPhone 4 is lightning fast.

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