I’ve spoken at a few online and community events recently and have been really disappointed by the amount of people who had heard of SPDisposeCheck. This tool should be the first thing installed on a Development machine after installing Visual Studio 2008/10.

I have also spoke to a few people who have attended SharePoint Development courses and have been really disappointed to hear that this tool is not recommended or mentioned. It is a great way to learn what code needs disposing of from the SharePoint Object model. There are plenty of exceptions to the rule out there and unless you keep a printed reference by your desk you’re unlikely to remember them all.

So, just follow my 5 min demo on @SPDevWiki and you’ll have no more excuses and neither will your team members! Kudos to StephenVDick and Matt Ranlett for putting this add-on for VS2010 up on CodePlex! The SharePoint Community simply rocks!

4 thoughts on “SPDispose…what…”

  1. What’s disappointing to me is that people like you continue to blame the developer for failing to account for Microsoft’s poor architecture instead of placing the blame where it really belongs: the Microsoft SharePoint development team. Having to hunt down and find even the “exceptions to the rules” of SPDisposeCheck is a huge waste of time and money. The sooner Microsoft fixes their poor architecture the better off financially and time usage we’ll all be.

  2. I completely agree with you, it is Microsoft’s architecture at fault here. It would be great if they fixed it, but they didn’t dump the COM objects in v4 :-( Therefore disposal is still an issue. It would have been great if they’d have made it easy for everyone and included this out of the box.

  3. I also found not many people know about SPDisposeCheck when doing some SP dev job interviews late last year. This presumably also goes for other great tools provided by MS like UlsViewer, etc… They should all be wrapped up into the SDK, combined with the SPG Patterns & Practices stuff, and promoted!!

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