The year that was

The year that was

Well 2010 is just 10 hours away here in Perth, Australia! I’ll be nursing a hangover when my fellow SharePoint community over in the west coast of America are tucking into their first beer! This year has been a huge year for me in the SharePoint community so I just thought I’d reflect on that, some of you may not have been aware of some of the posts etc. so you can take a read now ;-)


Blogging wise I have tried to keep up fortnightly posts on various opinions around the SharePoint Development practices and community events. This year I will try and keep to opinion posts on my blog and all development posts are going straight onto

According to Google Analytics my top posts have been:

Web Casts

This year I have pushed to get out more web casts as I find this a great medium to show people how they can do things with some context from the user interface and to discuss my opinion too. All are available here at


I have recently started some podcasts on hosted at (iTunes support) with the likes of @sahilmalik, @givenscj, @sympmarc and @willhlaw on Sandboxed Solutions and jQuery. I will be doing more of these development focused podcasts in the future too as I am a big consumer of podcasts and know there are others out there too that like this medium.

Speaking Engagements

This year I had various speaking engagements which I’ve really enjoyed and intend to do more this year too:

  • TechEd Australia with Andrew Coates on SharePoint Development and VSTO – an amazing experience!
  • Perth SharePoint User Group on SharePoint 2010 Overview
  • Microsoft Innovation Day on SharePoint 2010 BCS using Visual Studio and reading/writing from an XML file

Personal Projects


SPSource has had two enhancements this year, mainly bug fixes as people have continued to use the tool to reverse engineer SharePoint Lists, Content Types and Module Files. Thanks for everyone’s feedback and support on this! It was also great to meet @richfinn at #SPC09 too as he founded this project!!

My SharePoint Community Shout outs for the year

This year has been amazing for the SharePoint Community with the massive uptake of SharePoint Saturday across the globe (including one in Perth here which I am helping to facilitate).

SharePoint Conference 2009 People

The SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas was simply awesome! Getting to meet all of the people was incredible! A few huge shout outs for: Brad Helicher, Fabian Williams (@fabianwilliams), Chris Givens (@givenscj), Paul Swider (@pswider), Eric Raus (@erickraus), Nick Hadlee (@nhadlee), Mark Miller (@eusp) for their kindness, generosity and good company on many a night in Las Vegas! Contributors

I have been facilitating the now for just over a year and there are more and more contributors adding content. It has come a long way in that time and I’m really greatful to the people that have contributed content on there!


Where would we be without Twitter in the SharePoint Community? It’s been a great way to share links to awesome content via RETWEETING and can be monitored in things like! It’s been an awesome way to feel closer virtually to all of the community and made meeting everyone in person at #SPC09 that much more special!

Microsoft MSDN Forums

The MSDN forums continue to be a place where I find answers and will continue to in the future! There are some very dedicated people out there monitoring these forums and a big thank you to them all!

Mark Miller has done an outstanding job with of creating the go to space for Information Workers in SharePoint Universe! I love how he’s approached it with his contributing authors and look forward to what he does in the future! I was lucky enough to meet mark at #SPC09 and he is such a lovely guy!

The boys who I also met at #SPC09: Rob Foster, Brett Lonsdale and Nick Swan are doing a great job with interviewing really great people! It was great to meet those 3 at the conference too and try and keep up with their drinking abilities! ROTFWL For other great podcasts please see this list, as there are some great ones out there!

Waldek Mastykarz Blog

Waldek’s blog is awesome, he is extremely thorough and has written posts that have saved me all year round! He’s certainly my SharePoint Hero!

Last year’s predictions

Well, last year I didn’t do a reflection or prediction post so there’s nothing to reflect on ;-)

Predictions for 2010

SharePoint Growth

SharePoint will continue to grow at a rate that no-one can really explain outside of the SharePoint community

SharePoint Development Adoption

That SharePoint Development will start to enter the mainstream ASP.NET developers in Q3 due to the ease of the Visual Studio 2010 toolset (great work by Paul Andrew and his team on this!)

SharePoint 2003

That we will still be working on SharePoint 2003 and 2007 projects for a few years to come and balancing between each version will get trickier

SharePoint Vendettas

That SharePoint "outsiders" will continue to attack SharePoint with inaccurate assumptions and we must continue to defend them growth

That will continue to evolve and hopefully will have some more contributors once it is migrated to SharePoint 2010 early in Q1 2010

SharePoint Community Content

That keeping up with all the content from the SharePoint Community will continue to be tricky and hard to master. It’s a great thing knowing there is so much awesome content out there compared to other vendors! I’ve been working with HP TRIM recently, and the community is like a ghost ship!
I’ve got an idea for a tool to help with the noise and to isolate it to mandatory reads, casual reading and important reading for various skill sets. Hopefully the #SharePoint bots will get turned off too ;-)


So on that note, I’m off to get ready for the New Year’s Eve bash in Perth City…wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to what 2010 brings me and the whole SharePoint community!

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